We are quirky believers with the mission of creatively using our faith to encourage and inspire. We do that by being Outfitters for fellow believers. Our objective is to produce the affordable faith-based apparel, merchandise, and accessories without sacrificing quality.


Evangelizing (Spreading the Gospel) by weaving loom
(Fabric and Merchandise).


Our loyal customers are the motivation for our small team of staff, as well as our fulfillment partners – who believe in the importance & impact of faith-based merchandise.

God willing, together – we’ll help inspire a generation to reverently express their faith in their everyday lives.

Thank You For Your Prayers & Support! 

- The Evangeloom Team 



We Proudly Give To Charitywater.org


This organization works with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution in each place where they work, whether it’s a well, a piped system, a BioSand Filter, or a system for harvesting rainwater. And with every water point funded, partners coordinate sanitation and hygiene training, and establish a local Water Committee to help keep water flowing for years to come. With the help of more than 1 million supporters worldwide, Charitywater.org has raised more than $360 million and funded over 35,000 water projects in 27 countries. Learn More


We Now Support Stand Up To Cancer!


Stand Up To Cancer raises funds for research done by outstanding scientists working in teams and overseen by key leaders in the field. Their goal is to get new treatments to patients quickly! Learn More

We Support Compassion International!


Today, with the support of 14 sponsor countries around the world, nearly 2 million babies, children, and young adults are released from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty through Compassion International’s Christ-centered, child-focused, church-based programs. Learn More