Our gift shop was started to accomplish one thing. We want to revolutionize Christian merchandise and accessories! Physical products that help believers visualize spiritual manifestations! So that's when we decided to use our business, marketing & design expertise to embark on a long journey towards creating the premiere Christian gift shop!


Evangeloom = Evangelizing (Spreading the Gospel) by Loom-weaving (Making Fabric and Merchandise).


You will find that we feature many "themed" designs, such as army designs and animal designs. That's because we acknowledge that every Christian is a unique individual. Our customers appreciate faith-based designs that also match their personal interests and hobbies.

The most important thing to us is our customer's experience. We want you to be able to find something you love, buy it and receive it without any problems or frustration. We're here for you every day to answer your questions and make sure everything runs smoothly for you. We stand by our satisfaction guarantee and will always make sure you are taken care of.

This is THE store for finding the perfect gifts for your brothers and sisters in Christ, or even yourself!


Thanks For Your Support!

- The Evangeloom Team